Firebrand Marketing is a food & beverage consultancy specializing in building in-store brand awareness.  We are a group of educated, creative and hardworking individuals who are passionate about making fans and launching new brands.



We work with start up and rising organic and natural food companies on their market roll out, including:

•    In Store Demonstration
•    Market Strategy
•    Merchandising
•    Events & Staffing

Firebrand has a team on the ground who can interact directly with consumers in the stores where your products are sold.  We are not just demonstrators, but brand advocates and a proud extension of your brand and company.  We are your agents in stores, acquiring and
engaging new customers.

Some store managers don’t know or appreciate your product, which can result in poor shelf placement and merchandising.  We work directly with stores to educate employees, who can be a new brand’s greatest ally, to facilitate brand awareness and create advantageous placement.  Our team confirms product is being ordered and shelves stocked before, during and after demos.



In starting our own organic beverage company in 2009, we learned firsthand the challenges of launching a new product nationwide. We know what a young brand needs to get going in a new market and can leverage our store relationships to make sure your product gets the attention and sales it deserves.